Guitar Champions is an exciting new way to learn the guitar with other kids just like you! Our goal is to build CHARACTER, encourage CONFIDENCE, and foster COMMUNITY through this amazing instrument. [Our unique, patented system is designed for ages 8 and above, generally depending on hand size. That said, we'd LOVE to hear from you and how we could get your student involved!] There are lots of ways you can learn to play the guitar, but here’s what makes us different:


We lead group lessons, which means you’ll learn the guitar and hone your skills right alongside your friends and peers. You'll get the personal attention you need to succeed. But we’ll encourage each other, root for each other, and become each other’s champions!


STRAPS for Each Level

We give out colored guitar straps to indicate your level of achievement. Just like the colored belts in martial arts, you'll receive 12 colored guitar straps to indicate your progress. You can go from white to yellow to orange, and so on, until you receive the coveted leather strap!

Buttons for achievements

You'll also receive buttons to go on your straps that represent different accomplishments - practicing the guitar, learning a new skill, mastering a rhythm, attending class, and playing a song. There are 5 buttons for each strap, 55 in all! At the end of each class, you can “level up” until you're ready for the “Champion Challenge” to advance to the next strap.

an App to Chart your progress

In addition to our patented curriculum, we're developing an amazing Guitar Champions app where you can check-in to class, monitor your progress, see what’s coming next, watch fun tutorials, and receive important notifications and tips from our instructors!


What are the Recommended Ages?
We recommend ages of 8 years old and up. But it depends on hand size and maturity. You're welcome to sign up for a month and see if it's the right fit for your child.

When Does Guitar Champions Begin?
We're launching classes the first week of January at our Chesapeake and Virginia Beach locations. Check out the locations below for actual class times! 

How Do I Get Started?
The first step is to reserve your spot at either the Chesapeake or Virginia Beach location. (Spaces are going quickly; don't wait to register!) Then come to the "Starter Class" scheduled at each location. You'll earn your white strap within a few classes and then level-up to the next class! 

Do I Need a Guitar?
Definitely! If you need to purchase one then we've got you covered. We are working with a local retailer to provide discounted prices on guitars and accessories, essentially an awesome Guitar Champions starter kit! If this interests you, please email us at

Acoustic or Electric?
You can play either one, it's your choice! Please note: at this time you do not need to bring an amp to class. We'll provide an amp for any playing or performances that need to be "plugged in." 

What Do You Do in Classes?
We've created a patented merit-system for teaching guitar in groups, including incentivized goals such as colored guitar straps and buttons to recognize your achievements. We'll start with a general warm-up, review past lessons, and learn a new skill in each class. It's a lot of fun! 

Can I Cancel if it Doesn't Work Out?
Yes. While payments are required at the beginning of the month and we don't offer refunds, you can cancel anytime. If you need to take a break, you can do that as well. We offer a $50 assessment class when you're ready to rejoin so we can place you at the proper class level.




When you become a part of Guitar Champions, you can attend one class a week at either our Virginia Beach or Chesapeake location. The classes last 45 minutes, and students are expected to bring their own guitars - either acoustic or electric. You do not need to bring an amp to class.


Here are the prices for joining Guitar Champions. We encourage the whole family to get involved! In fact, we've got special pricing to help:

  • $149/mo for the first family member - ON SALE - $99/mo
  • $99/mo for additional family members - ON SALE - $49/mo

Payments are made via recurring charges and are due before the start of each month. They're non-refundable, but you can cancel at anytime. If you decide to rejoin the program at a later date, we offer a $50 evaluation session to place you at the right level.

special Add-on

Give the gift of guitar! As a special Christmas offer, you can purchase a Yamaha GigMaker acoustic guitar pack for $169. Just select the add-on on the sign-up page.





Parents, we’ve got even better news for you! We have two locations from which you can choose: one in Virginia Beach, one in Chesapeake.

Classes will be held at Traditions Revolutionary Catering & Events at Honeybee Golf Club in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Golf Club.

Here's what this means for you, parents: there’s not only a full bar and dinner menu at each location, but you can relax on the porches or even practice your golf stroke while your child is having a blast with us inside! 

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Honeybee Golf Club: 2500 S Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Classes take place on Wednesday nights at our Virginia Beach location:

Honeybee Golf Club
2500 S Independence Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

5:00 PM - Starter Class
6:00 PM - White | Yellow | Orange Straps
7:00 PM - Tan | Purple | Blue Straps
8:00 PM - Brown | Red | Green Straps
9:00 PM - Gray | Black | Leather Straps


Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake Golf Club: 1201 Club House Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Classes take place on Tuesday nights at our Chesapeake location:

Chesapeake Golf Club
1201 Club House Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322

5:00 PM - Starter Class
6:00 PM - White | Yellow | Orange Straps
7:00 PM - Tan | Purple | Blue Straps
8:00 PM - Brown | Red | Green Straps
9:00 PM - Gray | Black | Leather Straps




Our goal is to have a retail location that’s specifically designed for Guitar Champions. We’ll have flat screens throughout the room, inputs for your guitar in the floor, a stage for performing, and a seating area for parents in the back. Not only this, but we'll have a retail area where you can purchase gear and a greenroom for tuning your guitar! We’re launching in two temporary locations right now, but the goal is create our own permanent sites as soon as possible.




Wes Gow is the co-founder, creative strategist, and lead instructor at Guitar Champions. He serves as an adjunct instructor at a local university, is a former middle school teacher, and has played in bands for most of his adult life. Wes and his wife Christine have two daughters and live in Virginia Beach. You can reach him at


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